Reach those you feel called to serve with the power of Funnels and Ads so you can grow your business.


At FAMCON (which stands for Funnels + Ads Mastery Conference) you'll learn how to leverage the power of online advertising and sales funnels so you can grow your business, reach more of the people you feel called to serve, and connect with other growth-minded entrepreneurs and business owners in a hands-on learning environment.

At FAMCON We'll Cover 3 Things

  • More Leads: Learn how to easily convert traffic to your email list
  • More Sales: Learn how to convert your subscribers to customers
  • More Traffic: Learn how to send traffic to your offers and accelerate your results

FAMCON is an intimate, workshop-style environment so you can get as much hands-on support as you need


Online Experts

Learn how to leverage your expertise to grow a thriving business serving people with your knowledge via online products, courses, and memberships.


Learn how to turn what you've written into a suite of online products to reach even more people beyond the pages of your book.


Learn how to leverage funnels and ads to land more speaking gigs (online and offline) as well as growing your list through your speaking gigs.


Learn how to grow your list, make more sales, and get more traffic to your product, service, idea or movement with the power of funnels and ads.

Day 1 is all about converting traffic and awareness to a subscriber. 

You'll learn "what's working now" on compelling ways to grow your list, including Challenges, Summits, and Free Courses.

Email is "The Cockroach of Communication"

Platforms come and go, and algorithms change all the time, but email will never die. It's been called "the cockroach of communication". You'll learn why building an email list is the #1 priority of every successful online business owner.

One of many case studies you'll learn at the event on effective email growth campaigns

Here's a screen shot of a recent campaign we ran that got a TON of leads, then sold a $1,000 course. You'll learn this method at FAMCON

Once you get a new email subscriber, add a heap of value and good will, get them results and serve the heck out of them...

"How do you sell them something?"

I get it. People that pay, pay attention. We can't survive on just building an email list.

At FAMCON, you'll learn proven conversion methods to turn leads into revenue including low ticket offers, webinar training, and phone sales.

Here's a screen shot of a recent campaign we ran that got a TON of leads, then sold a $1,000 course. You'll learn this method at FAMCON

When you dial in your offers and your lead generation machine, we need to "feed the gorilla" and send a ton of traffic.

Did you know there's an "eyeball store?"

Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer talks about traffic like this, "It's like going to the eyeball store, putting eyeballs in your cart, and checking out."

On Day 3 you'll learn the different types of traffic, how to structure it and how to step into the stream of traffic to send people to your offers.

3 Examples out of 1 ad account, generating leads and selling them stuff, over and over again. You'll learn the process I use every time.

The History of FAMCON
In January 2017 I walked away from a profit-sharing role at a company that was about to do 8-figures in revenues.

And it's the best thing I've ever done.
The call to entrepreneurship was undeniable.

So I set out into the scary unknown with a brand new laptop, no customers, and no referral sources for my brand new digital marketing agency, Red Anchor Marketing.

It wasn't always easy, but 2017 saw a lot of early success as I crossed the 6-figure mark within 6 months (and multiple 6-figures 4 short months later).

I've long been a lover of systemization, documentation, and process.

In the Winter of 2018 this love led me to develop my flagship funnel-building system titled "The One Hour Funnel."
I "cracked the code"... I was able to generate high-converting funnels in quickly... in any niche.
Fitness, supplements, picture frames, franchise sales, hair restoration, mobile orthodontics, webinars... the funnels were working.

In February 2018 I launched a beta group for The One Hour Funnel course.

March 2018 I filmed the course.

April 2018 launched the podcast to document the whole thing (search "Cody Builds a Business" on iTunes or Spotify).

August 2018 the book hit [digital] store shelves and started to help thousands of people.
The book did so well, and the framework helped so many businesses that in 2019 I set out on my scariest venture yet... live events.
In February 2019 I announced I was hosting a live event. 

I couldn't think of a catchy title and went with "One Hour Funnel ... Live".

It was what I was known for (but the name never felt quite right... more on that later).
Filling a live experience was as difficult as advertised.
People told me I was crazy to wind down the agency and deal with the cost and complexity of hosting a live event.

And, I can't explain it, but it was something I couldn't NOT do. 

Have you felt that way before?

And One Hour Funnel Live was born.
We hosted over 75 people in 2 live events in 2019, and now we're taking it up a notch.
In August 2019 I launched my membership, The FAM (which is an acronym for "Funnels + Ads Mastery"). 

It's a private, online community of online experts and business owners learning how to grow their business with Funnels and Ads.

And it's kind of my favorite thing, ever.

People are getting crazy results (click the image below to enlarge)
(click the collage to enlarge)
So at FAMCON2020 - everything is different
New venue - check

New name - check

New branding - check

More speakers, more actionable content, and more time for implementation and hands on support?

Check, check, and check.

At FAMCON2020 you'll get the best of my years of experience creating winning online marketing campaigns, in an intimate environment (read: 50 people or less), at an awesome venue in an awesome city at an awesome time of the year.
Implementation > Inspiration and Insight > Information
Unlike other conferences that just spew tactics left and right and leave you more confused than when you showed up... FAMCON will help you implement via our long breaks and workshop times.

Will you leave inspired? 


I might even cry once or twice... 

BUT you'll leave with the frameworks to market your business, reach those you feel called to serve, and accomplish your goals.

And in case we haven't met yet...
Hi! My name is Cody
I've lived in Colorado since 2004 with my wife, Christy. We have 3 sons, Jacob, Luke and Ben and a retired racing Greyhound named Zeke. 

I've been behind some of the bigger launches on the web, and have 14 campaigns in a row that have grossed over 6 figures (and 2 over 7).

And, I can't wait to meet you in person in June!

Get The VIP Experience

If you want something extra and you believe that access is better than information, upgrade your ticket to the VIP experience.

The VIP Pass will include a whole new level of awesomeness:
  • VIP Mastermind Dinner (pre-event): This is the most popular part of the event. We host a curated VIP mastermind dinner the night before your event at a fancy restaurant. 
  • Daily Meals: My wife / event producer Christy picks the finest cuisine for our live events (no rubbery chicken and day-old rice pilaf here). Lunch is included all 3 days of the event.
  • Priority Access: Sit closer, get more goodies, and up your odds of getting chosen for one of our coveted hotseats.
Post-Mastermind Dinner #1 (June 2019)

The Venue

 The Source Hotel, Denver CO
3330 Brighton Boulevard
Denver, CO 80216
Images provided by The Source Hotel. Visit their website here for more information.
(we have a very limited number of rooms reserved at the conference rate) of $219 USD / night)
Frequently Asked Questions
What results should I expect from taking this course?
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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Why are you putting this together?
When I founded "One Hour Funnel" in 2017 I wanted people to "own" their marketing (not avoid it and not rent it from an expensive agency).

So I wrote a book, hosted 2 events, and kept getting hundreds of thousands of leads and millions in sales from my private client work.

Hands-down, the absolute best way to get a result is to leave your office, day-to-day routine and give yourself the gift of focus over a 2.5 day period in Colorado.
How long have you been at this?
I got the digital marketing bug in 2012 following the Traffic & Conversion Summit. From there I got a bunch of certifications in all aspects of DM and have spent near 1 million dollars in my private agency work, generating hundreds of thousands of leads and millions in sales. 

It's been super fun and I'm ready to help more people than I can in my digital agency (which is limited to 3-6 clients at a time).
When is the live event?
Exact location TBD but it will be in Denver, Colorado in June 2020.
Cool. When can I sign up?
Tickets aren't for sale yet, but you can join the waitlist now! 

You'll be first in line to know when we open the doors.
What does "FAMCON" stand for?
Funnels + Ads Mastery Conference. 

If you're in business you have products, services and offers. And if you have a product you have a funnel and the funnel needs traffic. 
What industries does this work for?
If you use the internet to sell stuff (even if you're driving traffic to a brick & mortar store) then FAMCON is for you. 

I can't think of a business that would not benefit from the concepts and community of FAMCON.  I tried, but couldn't come up with anything.

Master Your Funnels + Ads Strategy at FAMCON2020

Frequently Asked Questions

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